Update on Health Declaration Code Application Requirements for China-bound Passengers

Under the circumstances of the continued COVID-19 pandemic, it is advised that international travels should be avoided for health safety purpose unless out of urgent humanitarian needs or for visits approved by Chinese provincial foreign affairs offices or other competent authorities. The Chinese Embassy in Botswana has updated the requirements regarding Health Declaration Code application for China-bound passengers as follows:


I. All foreign passengers who are flying to China will be required to present the Electronic Health Declaration Code for boarding. Foreign passengers can apply for the Health Declaration Code by declaring their health status and uploading negative PCR test, IgM anti-body blood test reports, vaccination certificate, and other documents needed on the website at https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ or scan the QR code attached below. The Chinese embassies or consulates will examine and verify the above documents online, and then issue the Health Declaration Code with the "HDC" Mark (sample attached below) to passengers accordingly.


(QR code to apply for Health Declaration Code)


(sample of Health Declaration Code)


II. All passengers departing from Botswana must be fully vaccinated and are required to first take PCR and IgM anti-body blood tests in designated test agency currently being Diagnofirm Medical Laboratories(Tel:00267-3950007) within 48 hours before departure from Botswana (calculated from the date of sample collection, same below) and upload the reports as well as vaccination certificate to apply for a Health Declaration Code. In the last transit AIRPORT, passengers must take PCR and IgM anti-body blood test AGAIN within 48 hours before boarding the direct flight to China and apply for a new Health Declaration Code. Passengers are required to transit NO MORE THAN TWO TIMES throughout the whole journey from Botswana to China. Please check the websites of Chinese embassies or consulates in transit countries for more details of the accredited laboratories and requirements for obtaining Health Declaration Code.


III. Please note that the Health Declaration Code is NOT a visa. For information on visas to China, please refer to the Embassy's Notice on the Launch of Online Application and Appointment for Chinese Visa at http://bw.chineseembassy.org/eng/sgxw/t1882509.htm dated June 8, 2021.


The Chinese Embassy in Botswana

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