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 22 Botswana Students get Chinese Government Scholarship(2013/08/17)
 21 Botswana Students get Chinese Government Scholarship(2011/07/27)
 Welcome to 2010 China Film Festival!(2010/06/16)
 Chinese exhibit artistic works(2009/10/12)
 UB launches Chinese language classes(2009/09/14)
 FOCAC boosts Botswana-China relations(2009/09/14)
 UB offers Chinese language courses(2009/06/20)
 Chinese Embassy Donates to Botswana Red Cross(2009/03/10)
 Chinese Movie Festival coming soon(2009/02/25)
 Botswana-China Friendship Association Formally Established(2009/02/16)
 Artists from Xinjiang Art Troupe of China Will perform in Gaboron(2009/01/13)
 Beijing Olympic Games Picture Exhibition
 Chinese Movie Festival ongoing
 University of Botswana and the Office of Chinese Language Council International Reached Agreement on Establishment of the Confucius Institute
 Combating Climate Change: China Goes on the Offensive
 Foreign Media Enjoy Greater Access(2007/08/05)
 Xinhua News Agency Enhancing Cooperation With Botswana
 Minister of Home Affairs visited China
 Next goals of China's Space Exploration
 Botswana Women Activists Attended Beijing+10 Conference
 Chinese Official Delegation Attended WITFOR