Chinese Ambassador H.E. Dr. Zhao Yanbo Gives a Telephone Interview to Duma FM on Africans in Guangzhou

On 14th April 2020, Chinese Ambassador H.E. Dr. Zhao Yanbo gave a telephone interview to Duma FM on Africans in Guangzhou.



Ambassador Zhao said that the Chinese government has been attaching great importance to the life and health of foreign nationals in China. All foreigners are treated equally. We reject differential treatment, and we have zero tolerance for discrimination. Currently in China, our most urgent task is to prevent imported cases and domestic resurgence of the epidemic. Guangzhou, the major border city with a large foreign population including many African residents, is facing an increasing risk due to more and more imported cases. To safeguard the hard-won anti-pandemic outcomes, Guangzhou has stepped up relevant measures and decided to quarantine and test everyone entering the border. During the process, some foreigners, including African nationals, breached relevant regulations and overreacted. A Nigerian coronavirus patient bit a Chinese nurse as he tried to escape from isolation. The incident caused panic among local residents and led to very bad social impact. The Chinese side believes that foreign nationals in China should abide by Chinese law and regulations particularly with regard to epidemic prevention and control. Just like Chinese nationals in Botswana, who should abide by the prevention and control regulations of Botswana authorities during the state of public emergency.


Ambassador Zhao said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, relevant departments and local governments in China have made every effort to meet the needs of foreign citizens in China. When China was struggling to contain the virus at an earlier stage, of the over 3,000 African students in Hubei Province and the city of Wuhan, only one was infected and then quickly cured. The rest have all been safe and sound. Among over 300 Botswana nationals in China, no one has been infected with COVID-19 so far. We hope that foreign nationals in China fully understand and cooperate with China's epidemic control measures to make their contributions to the final victory over the epidemic. What happened in Guangzhou concerning African nationals are sporadic incidents. Regarding the concerns raised by the African side, authorities in Guangzhou have looked into them and adopted a series of new measures. The issue will be properly resolved with the joint efforts of China and Africa.


Ambassador Zhao stressed that China and Africa are good friends, partners and brothers. The traditional friendship between China and Africa has withstood the test of history and changes in the international situation, is rock-solid and unbreakable, and will definitely not be affected by sporadic incidents. At a moment when the international community urgently needs to work together to fight the pandemic, some social and tabloid media has been making unwarranted, selective and one-sided allegations to mislead people with bias and emotions, in an attempt to sow discord between China and African countries. This is futile and deeply immoral. The joint fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is now the top priority of the two sides. I was just on the phone with Hon. Minister Unity Dow, discussing cooperation in pandemic prevention and control. China will continue to share experience and provide material assistance to African countries including Botswana until a complete victory over the virus on the continent is achieved.


This is the fifth interview Ambassador Zhao gave to Duma FM on the fight against COVID-19.

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