Guide to Application for Consular Legalization

Legalization is the verification of stamps and signatures on your documents before you could use them in the mainland of China.

Your documents should be authenticated by the Legal Office of Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation (Tel: 3600736, 3192539) of the Republic of Botswana before you come to the Embassy of China.

When you submit your application for authentication to the Chinese Embassy, you shall prepare the followings:

1. Fully Completed Application Form

2. Original and Photocopy of your passport data page.

3. Botswana working permit and residence permit (if applicable).

4. Original and Photocopy of the ID of the Agent (if applicable).

5. The original document for authentication and its photocopy

Processing time of application: 5 working days for regular service, 3 working days for express service; 1 working day for urgent service. For enquiries please dial 3938682 during office hour.

Application fee:

1. P240 for 1 civil document,;

2. P480 for 1 business document.

3. Express fee: P260 extra, urgent fee: P390 extra.

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