Wang Yi: Rock-solid China-Africa Friendship Will Not Be Affected by Isolated Incidents

On 13 April, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone call with Chairperson of the AU Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat.

Wang said that COVID-19 is a common challenge to China and Africa. As comprehensive strategic and cooperative partners, China and Africa must fight it together through closer coordination and cooperation. China will always remember the solidarity and support from the AU and African countries at the height of its battle against the outbreak, with explicit opposition to certain country's attempts to politicize the outbreak and label the virus. It speaks volumes of our brotherly ties and solidarity in times of adversity and the strength of China-Africa strategic cooperation.

Wang noted that as Africa battles the spreading outbreak, President Xi Jinping has made phone calls to leaders of South Africa, Egypt and other African countries to convey sympathy and support. He called on the international community to increase assistance to Africa at the Extraordinary G20 Leaders' Summit. Despite its ongoing domestic outbreak response, China has provided emergency assistance to African brothers, sending much needed medical supplies to the AU and African countries through various channels.

Wang said that China is ready to provide more medical supplies if needed by Africa. China is also willing to share experience on outbreak response with African brothers and send medical expert teams there. We will support Africa's purchase of medical supplies in China and deepen cooperation in public health. China will stand firmly with Africa and fight together with our African brothers and sisters until the virus is completely defeated across the African continent.

On issues raised by African friends concerning local government outbreak response, Wang underscored China's commitment to protecting the health and safety of all Chinese and foreign nationals in China and treating them alike. China is against any differential treatment targeting any specific group of people.

Wang reaffirmed China's commitment to its long-standing policy of friendship towards Africa. China and Africa are good brothers and comrades-in-arms. We are always there for each other come rain or shine. The traditional friendship between China and Africa has stood the test of time and the changing international landscape. Our friendship is rock-solid and unbreakable. It will not be affected by any isolated incident, still less disrupted by forces trying to drive a wedge between us. At this particular juncture, China and African countries need mutual trust, support and solidarity more than ever if we are to overcome this challenge together.

Faki fully shared Wang's comments on Africa-China friendship. He said that African countries and China are comprehensive strategic and cooperative partners. We are friends and, more importantly, comrades-in-arms. Our destinies are closely intertwined. Nothing can change or damage this friendship. Africa knows that China is making great efforts to prevent a domestic resurgence of the outbreak and believes that the measures China takes would not be discriminatory.

Faki underscored that Africa will not forget the support and assistance from China for Africa's national independence and liberation, fight against apartheid and economic and social development. Faki expressed deep appreciation for China's emergency assistance to Africa's COVID-19 response. Safeguarding the Africa-China comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership is our joint sacred mission. Some forces are trying to exploit the situation to drive a wedge between Africa and China. We will absolutely not let them succeed. Africa will continue to stand firmly with China.

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